May 17, 2021

7 of the Best Colour Combinations Using Black

7 of the Best Colour Combinations Using Black

Very few colours make a statement quite like black. It's sophisticated, seductive and oh-so-modern. Far from being difficult to work with, it complements a kaleidoscopic array of shades, tints, tones and hues.

Nevertheless, and for good reasons, many people are afraid of all-black interiors. In windowless rooms (or those with small windows), too much black can feel claustrophobic. Plus, dark colours with cold undertones can make spaces feel less welcoming (especially if you're decorating a north-facing room).

So, how can you make black work? The key is to incorporate it into a broader colour scheme. Keep reading as we run through our favourite standout pairings for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and more.

Black and white: timeless contrast

You can't go wrong with a timeless black and white or off-white palette. Thanks to the high contrast, it lends drama to drab-looking settings. What's more, both colours are exceptionally adaptable, meaning you have ultimate freedom when choosing accents and furnishings.

Offset vintage-inspired patterned floor tiles with brilliant white walls and sophisticated black woodwork. Painting door frames with Blackjack is a fuss-free and inexpensive way to revamp your interiors without undergoing a complete overhaul. To add warmth, accessorise with wooden furniture, woven rugs, indoor plants and artificial lights with a soft golden glow.


Black and stone grey: create space

Minimalists love black and stone grey for its contemporary charm, expansive feel and harmonious blend. It's an excellent combination to give the illusion of space. Stone greys like Stone in Love reflect natural light while black disguises where walls start and end.

Thanks to its brightening and welcoming effect, use this gorgeous colour scheme in focal areas like hallways. Paint window frames, interior doors and bannisters in Loof or Blackjack, an innovative chalk and mineral paint that requires no sealing, and choose grey curtains, stair runners and door hangings to tie the look together. 


Black and sunny yellow: make a statement

If you're feeling brave, step away from the monochrome palettes and pair black with sunny yellow instead. Yes, it's a dangerously daring duo – but the finished look gives interiors a much-needed injection of personality.

To make black and yellow work, choose one colour to dominate. For something a little livelier, accentuate luminous yellow walls with Panther off-black furniture, chequered cushions and midnight rugs. If you want something less jazzy, lead with black and choose yellow accents for a splash of colour.

Alternatively, use Gorgeous Gold Frensheen - a natural mineral powder - to add 'pizzazz' to your painted furniture. It can be used by mixing the desired amount to our Finishing Coat or Waxes to form a paint consistency. The more added the bolder the colour. Remember, you're making a statement here. Pastel shades are too muted to have an impact. To make a statement, you have to commit to a brilliant, golden hue.


Black and sage green: bring the outside in

Bring the outside in with a calming black and sage green scheme, reminiscent of leisurely walks and luscious fields in spring. It's an attractive choice for city-dwellers looking to reconnect with nature or anyone who wants to feel more grounded in their everyday life.

We love this combination for kitchens because it creates a rustic feel. Cabinets painted in Wise Old Sage and splashes of white counterbalance black floors and countertops, making spaces feel quaint rather than overwhelming. Farmhouse tiles, indoor plants and wooden surfaces add to the provincial charm.


Black and brown: wonderfully warm

Black and brown is a wonderfully grown-up and moody mix. Just like chocolate or coffee, it's heady and decadent - ideal for adding opulence to any setting. Best of all, you can play with natural textures and materials like wood, leather, corduroy and tweed. 

Black fireplaces alongside rich brown sofas create homey living spaces. As the months get colder, the darker hues envelop you in a warm cocoon, absorbing and maintaining heat. Adorn the walls with cocoa-coloured knick-knacks and old-fashioned postcards for a curated aesthetic, and add a few wicker baskets to give the room depth.

If you're searching for a brown wall paint, try Moleskin - an ultra matte chalk wall paint with very little odour.


Black and dusky pink: retro glamour

Dusky pink is a more compelling and unusual neutral than white, with warmer undertones for a less brazen finish. Unlike hot pinks and fuchsias, it softens black and suits vintage to modern decor. Try Dusky Blush, Last Dance, Sweetcheeks or Nougat paint and see for yourself. 

It's a stunning medley for retro bathrooms. Inky onyx vanity sinks and showers pop against rose-tinted walls or delicate floral tiling. Fluffy pastel towels, indoor heather and seashell lamps create a spa-like environment that soothes your senses and promotes relaxation.

Stepping away from the ultra-feminine, you can make this combination a little more out-there by introducing retro signs, bathmats and mirrors. Fun accents heighten pink's playfulness without feeling childish.


Black and deep purple: gothic allure

We'll admit, black and purple is a bold partnership. However, when done right, it oozes glamour and gothic allure. 

Much like sunny yellow, choose one colour to dominate and the other for accents and furnishings. Balance black walls with Plum Pudding coloured cabinets, dining tables and eccentric chandeliers. Ornate mirrors and antique embellishments lend a fairy-tale feel, almost like you've stepped straight into Wonderland.

Moving away from fantasy, modernise purple and black by incorporating plenty of neutrals. Try a black accent wall alongside creams and beiges, then sprinkle purple wall art, cushions and throws throughout.


Find your perfect black combination

Frenchic is here to help you find the perfect black and colour combination. The hue you choose depends on your surrounding interior's design, which is why we stock a range of options to suit everyone. Whether you're going for a classic monochrome scheme or something a little more daring, our award-winning paint won't disappoint.

Our Original Artisan Range, Lazy Range and Al Fresco Inside / Outside Range are perfect for black-and-colour furniture, while our Chalk Wall Paint allows you to refresh your walls with the same benefits of chalk paint.

For more inspiration, take a look at our upcycling makeovers and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for even more ideas!


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