April 05, 2024

Why Peach Paint is Ripe for a Comeback

Why Peach Paint is Ripe for a Comeback

Peach paint has hardly been en vogue in recent years. But change is afoot, and this appealing blend of pink and orange is ripe for a comeback. Peach can be used in the much the same as pink around the home – though it has its own unique offering, as it’s a touch less sugary.

Keep reading as we preach about peach before listing some tips on how to incorporate peach paint colours into your home.

Pretty in peach for 2024 and beyond

Always warm and positive in feel, peach tones pair well with a multitude of colour palettes. They’re great for balance when used widely but also perfect for an accent to pep things up a little.

Peach is a unique blend of orange and pink which offers more variety than you might think. It ranges from pale and gentle through pastel to fresh. But peach can even stretch to strong and energetic!

You can also mix your own peach paints to find the perfect balance between orange, pink and other undertones. Take a look at our blog post on mixing paint to master the art.

The rising popularity of peach reflects a movement towards warmer colours over the past few months. That’s reflected by Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024 – Peach Fuzz. Quite fittingly, that name also reflects the fuzz or uncertainty you might feel when using an unfamiliar colour in your home.

Fuzz no more. Here are our top tips to use peach in your home…

A warming neutral

While many see peach as a distinctive, vibrant colour, pale peach tones can be used in the same way as neutrals like cream and beige. They bring added warmth compared to their cooler counterparts, but can also be paired with cool colours for an element of contrast.

Team a pale peachy paint like Sweetcheeks with a blue of similar tone, such as Crystal Blue, for a space that has a pared back, calming feeling, but using soft colours instead of the often-used plainer neutrals.


Bedroom painted in Sweetcheeks

Great with green

Green is a great partner for peach too. Both add something natural to your interiors, with the colour derived from the vibrant flesh

 of its namesake pink-orange fruit.

With green, you get a little less contrast than blue. This makes the combination particularly harmonious. You can keep it calm with two equally pale shades as above, or go bold using pops of

Add energy to trends

Peach isn’t the only colour turning heads in 2024. In previous blog posts, we’ve covered the ongoing affinity for earthy colours and the our enduring love for greys.

Peach is the perfect complement for both of these trends, opening up a wide range of potential combinations in your home.

Warm up a grey scheme by pairing a cool grey like City Slicker with a deep peach such as Sundowner. Or add a little freshness to earthy tones like Pickle with a delicate shade like Sweetcheeks.

Our warm, terracotta shade, Earthy, allows you to combine two trends in one colour – putting a peachy twist on a brown, earthy tone.

Discover the dark side of peach

Last but not least, we have something a little bolder. If you want to be less ‘Princess Peach’ and more ‘pensive peach’, consider partnering it with darker colours. Navy is a great option, which is timeless and suited to both modern and traditional spaces.

But don’t rule out blacks of all kinds. From Blackjack to Black Forest and Panther, the sharp contrast with peach creates an unexpectedly sophisticated and contemporary air.

Ready to reach for the peach?

Peach colours are a great way to liven up your walls, furniture or even woodwork in your home. However you want to incorporate this trend, Frenchic has the top-quality paints to turn your peach passion into a reality.

Browse our orange and pink paints to find the perfect peachy tone for your next project. And check out our guide to Frenchic paint ranges to find out which is right for your project. Don’t forget to tag us in the results on Instagram!


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