March 18, 2023

Where Can I Buy Frenchic Paint?

Where Can I Buy Frenchic Paint?

Key FAQ Points:

  • Frenchic supports local high street retailers with full training on our products.
  • Find your local stockist by entering your location on our online search tool.
  • You can also buy online from co.uk.


Frenchic provides paints for practically every surface in a wide range of beautiful, unique colours. If you’re looking to stock up on paint for your next project, you might be wondering where you can get your hands on our paints, top coats and other accessories. Here are your options:

1. Find your local stockist

At Frenchic, we’re passionate about supporting independent retailers to keep high streets thriving. That’s why we hand-pick local shops across the globe to stock and sell our wonderful product range. This means you won’t find Frenchic products in large DIY chain stores.

Frenchic Display

Beyond simply stocking Frenchic paint and other supplies, our stockists are a font of knowledge on all things Frenchic. Whether it’s preparation, application, colours or care, we provide extensive training to all Frenchic stockists to help both you and them.

Our growing community includes over 600 independent stockists across 4 continents – Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. So, no matter where you are in the world, you’re never too far from the sage advice and top-quality products you need.

Find your local stockist online by entering your town, postcode or zip code. Our map will show stockists near you with contact details, opening times and social media pages where possible.

2. Buy online, direct from Frenchic

Our online store is also a quick and easy way to buy the paint and painting supplies you need. You can browse by categories, including different paint ranges and colours. Or just type the product you want into the search bar. 

There is a choice of secure payment methods with delivery options for mainland UK addresses, the Scottish Highlands and offshore locations too. Delivery times and costs vary depending on which of these three options you need.



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