August 20, 2020

Making Small Rooms Look Bigger: The Best Paint Colours

Making Small Rooms Look Bigger: The Best Paint Colours

If there’s a certain room in your home that lacks space, you need to pull out every trick in the book to make it look bigger. Making a small space appear larger requires strategic furniture placement, proper use of lighting and using the right paint colours for small rooms.

While we can’t help you increase your square footage, we can help you fake a larger space with the magic of paint colours. Although all-white walls are the obvious choice, it isn’t the only option. From bold and dark to light and bright, take a look at some of the best colours for small rooms.

What is the best colour to paint a small bedroom?

Pale neutrals

If you aren’t feeling the all-white walls, add in a hint of colour without diving in the deep end. Pale neutrals, such as beiges, introduce warmth with the airy feel of a bright neutral. When you pair pale beige wall paint with furniture in a similar colour palette, you will create the impression of an open and seamless space.


Believe it or not, but bold and bright colours work incredibly well in small spaces. Opt for a pale but bright Parma Violet purple or a moody lavender to incorporate into the space. These wild colours would be too in-your-face all over a giant living room wall but look amazing in cosy nooks and small bedrooms.


The smaller the space, the darker you can go. Used sparingly, dark colour creates the idea of depth, which can actually make small rooms look bigger. The good news is there are so many greys out there to choose from.

The cool grey colours make the space feel fresher and brighter than warm ones, so it helps to create the impression of more room. A gunmetal grey is modern and sophisticated yet still cosy and inviting. A blue-grey works well as a cool tone. A soft pebble grey helps to add a hint of hue without committing to a staple colour. There are many greys out there that work well in smaller rooms.


The darkest colour in a small room? Hear us out. A velvety black paint blurs the corners and lines of the room and creates a bigger space visually. It tricks the eye into thinking the bedroom is bigger than it is because the corners cannot easily be identified. Paint the skirting boards, window trim, windowsill and ceiling the same hue to create this effect. This brave technique makes the room appear larger and higher because there are fewer lines and colours cutting through.

Blush pink

A soft shade of blush or dusty pink is a top contender for best colour for a small bedroom as it makes the space feel cheery and light. Using a blush pink on the walls emulates golden hour at sunset, which helps to warm up the room. Pair it with soft white furnishings for a more classic feel or matte black for an industrial contrast. Be sure to paint the ceiling in the same hue for an enveloping feel to help the small space look and feel larger.


Soft colours are always going to be a winner in small spaces. These non-committal colours showcase the room with a hue without being overbearing and shocking. When it comes to pastel colour, it’s personal preference. Some prefer a soft and cheery yellow, while others enjoy a more vivid teal, sky blue or light lavender.


Do you want to maximise the light in the small bedroom? If the room has lots of natural light coming through the windows, opt for an off-white or cream wall colour. The light walls will blend into the light outside, helping to create a seamless transition that makes the space feel bigger. The lighter off-white paint will also add a hint of warmth while keeping things airy.

What about the worst paint colours?

Now you can see that you aren’t limited to solid white walls in a small bedroom. Even so, there are some paint colours for small rooms that should be avoided.

  • All white – It may seem like the perfect paint colour for a small room, but it can end up making it look boxy and bland. Pure white walls show up every shadow and dark corner in the room, which makes it look smaller than it is. If you want to use white in small rooms, limit it to an accent wall or trim.
  • Strong reds – Red paint works well in many spaces, but a small room often isn’t one of them. The energy and warmth of a bold red heats up the small room and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated. Red is better left as an accent colour. If you want to use red in the small bedroom, transform a chest of drawers or chair with red chalk paint to create a statement piece that moves the eye away from the small walls.
  • A colour you don’t love – Don’t be tempted to choose a colour just because it makes your bedroom look larger. Your goal is to find paint that makes your space look good and makes you happy. Remember, there are many paint colours to choose from, so don’t write off a colour just because you don’t like one of the tints. While you don’t like indigo, you could love lavender. If you can’t find a way to use your desired paint colour, try neutral walls with your favourite colour used as an accent through painted furniture and upcycled objects.

Find the right colour for your small bedroom

Chalk paint can instantly transform your small bedroom from dingy to delightful. Whether you want to paint all four walls and a ceiling or try your hand at an upcycling makeover, opt for low-hassle, low VOC chalk paint that produces a stunning finish. At Frenchic Paint, we stock a wide variety of chalk paint colours and textures – from soft creams to luxurious blues and cheery pastels.

Take a look at our full range of chalk paint that is suitable to use on anything from walls to furniture to children’s toys.


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