April 12, 2023

Ocean Paint Colours: Dip Your Toe or Dive Into This Trend

Ocean Paint Colours: Dip Your Toe or Dive Into This Trend

Most people will agree, there’s nothing more relaxing than the ocean. So, it’s no surprise to see ocean paint colours are one of the top trends. Whether you want to create a seaside sanctuary or just add a cool coastal vibe to your space, ocean colours are the way forward.

Want to find out more? In this post, we’ll dig a little deeper into the trend and explore how you can test the waters or dive right in!

An ocean colour scene

When forecasting trends, very few people would have predicted the comeback of a 90s English rock band. But this is different kind of ‘ocean colour scene’. Rather than competing with Oasis in the charts, ocean colours can help you create an oasis in your home!

Best of all, there are a wide array of ocean paint colours to choose from. While the ocean is predominantly blue, it encompasses lots of different shades depending on how sunlight is absorbed and reflected by the water. As such, ocean colours stretch from deep, dark blues to light aquas, greens and even yellows in some cases.

Here are some of our top picks for ocean paint colours:

Deep blues

If you want to go all in with the ocean theme, deep blues are a great way to go. These include vibrant colours like Mediterranean Pool Boy and rich purply blue Kiss Me Sloely as well as bold, almost-navy Hornblower and dark twilight blues like Into The Night and After Midnight.

Light blues

Want to go a little lighter with your ocean paint colours?

Crystal Blue is the palest of blues, echoing the faint ocean spray. Or take it up a notch with a Heavenly Blue – a light shade that evokes the skies that merge into the ocean on those perfect clear days. Who says light blue can’t be bold? Beach Hut is a cheerful, bright blue that’s perfect if you want to add a pop of colour to your space.


Of course, some of the most quintessential ocean paint colours are actually blue-greens – hence their other umbrella term, aquas. That’s a pretty wide umbrella too, covering everything from light duck-egg Duckling to deep jewel-like Steel Teal. Somewhere in the middle, you’ll find gorgeous turquoise colours like Anguilla, which transports you straight to the Caribbean.

And yellows!

Can yellow be classed as an ocean colour? We certainly think so. Oceans can appear yellow as they meet the shore, or simply because of the golden sun bouncing off their surface. For the former, an earthy, almost sandy yellow like Straw Hat is ideal, while the latter can be evoked using splashes of a fresh, bright yellow like Oopsy Daisy.

Using ocean paint colours in your home

Another great thing about ocean colours is their versatility. With such a wide range of shades, you can find something that works in any room and in any degree. Add a pop of aqua with a small piece of furniture or repaint your whole room in your favourite dark blue colour.

If you’re not looking for a complete overhaul, this trend works with practically any colour scheme. Traditional or modern, you can use ocean colours to inject energy into greys and browns or let the colours pop with pale neutrals.

If you want to dip your toe into the ocean colour trend, try something small like a side table or glass cabinet like the one below using After Midnight…



Alternatively, you can stay really subtle with a pop of ocean colour used as a trim. Check out how Hornblower accentuates the panelling on this chest of drawers, which has been finished using Frenchic Browning Wax:



Because all Frenchic paint is EN71-3 certified, it’s suitable for children’s toys. That makes it ideal for a toy box transformation, like this one using Heavenly Blue:



Or revamp a rocking chair like this ocean-inspired Anguilla renovation:



Ready to take things a little further? Try your favourite ocean colour on a larger piece of furniture. The Welsh dresser below looks fantastic in bold, upstanding Hornblower:



A feature wall is another way to edge further into the ocean without quite getting your hair wet. Take a look at our blog post on living room accent walls for more inspiration, or just fill your boots with this wonderful use of After Midnight:



Choose your favourite ocean paint colours

At Frenchic, we want to make it easy to incorporate ocean colours into your space. That’s why we’ve formulated a selection of high-quality chalk paints that are suitable for a wide range of different surfaces.

Our Chalk Wall Paint provides an ultra-matte finish for walls with matching colours in the Trim Paint range with a soft, satin sheen. The Lazy Range can be used on wood, uPVC and more indoors, while Al Fresco paints have the same qualities paired with weather resistance.

Throughout all of our ranges, you’ll find a choice of deep blues, light shades and aqua tones to create your own ocean colour scene. Just don’t forget to send us the results on Instagram!


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