April 18, 2024

Seeing Red: The Rapid Rouge Resurgence in 2024

Seeing Red: The Rapid Rouge Resurgence in 2024

Red has enjoyed a rapid resurgence in 2024. Sure, it’s not your usual go-to for interiors and is often viewed as a challenging shade to integrate. However, there is so much to love about reds of all kinds.

Read on as we discuss the resurgence of red and some different ways to use it in your home.

Why is everyone raring for red?

It’s well established that colour affects our mood. While grey might be comforting and green promotes balance, red is naturally powerful and attention grabbing. It’s known to stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain. That’s the chemical that boosts our mood, motivation and attention span – amongst other things. As a result, red can evoke excitement and enthusiasm, promote conversation, inspire activity and even increase sensuality.

There are lots of different reds around. In general terms, the stronger the red, the more pronounced the energy it oozes:

  • A little calmer in feel are brown or earthy toned hues like Clay Pot and Dawlish.
  • For something a little punchier, you can try a smoky burgundy like Riad Red or ruby-toned Rubina.
  • At the top of the scale are vibrant scarlets like Hot Lips, which provide the ultimate wow factor.

Using red in your home

A pop of ‘unexpected red’

Even used in small amounts, red can have a significant impact on a space.

This is championed by the ‘unexpected red’ theory, which advocates adding something red into a room – regardless of whether or not it seems to match the rest of the decor. The theory is that a small pop of red refreshes and invigorates, especially when it isn’t expected – it’s that burst of dopamine.

Using such a strong colour in this way certainly refocuses the surrounding space. It can bring renewed vigour to previously mundane, ordinary items or tired furniture too. Try it on a picture frame, a small table, lamp base or shelf for starters.

Take inspiration from Frenchic Fan Stacey (over at @end_of_the_row) who opted for our flirty, flamboyant deep toned red shade Flamenco. Hands up if you're a fan!


Alternatively, a tip we often give is to paint the inside of a cupboard or cupboard door. This fun technique allows you to experiment with a pop of colour without having it always on show, a demonstrated brilliantly by @thewhitethistle. Rubina was used to paint the inside of this once drab wardrobe...


Single feature wall

If you’re looking to use a larger quantity of red, why not introduce it on a single feature wall? Apply a clean white on the other walls to intensify the effect or pair with off-whites or pale neutrals for a little less contrast to tone things down.

You can then introduce elements of other reds in soft furnishings, artwork or paint a piece of furniture for a cohesive feel.

Half-and-half decorating

Another way to introduce a strong colour like red is the half-and-half decorating trick.

Paint your chosen red below a dado rail (either real or imagined!) and use a neutral, lighter colour above. This allows plenty of colour impact without significantly affecting the light in the space.

It’s particularly useful in rooms where you want to maximise the impact of natural light.

Balance red with cooler colours

If you’re applying red on a number of walls, another tip is to include touches of cooler colours to balance the warmth of the red, such as blues and greens.

You don’t need much for this to work. Think soft furnishings, an item of painted furniture or some of the room’s woodwork.

Insert Rubina wall paint image (not just the link) as illustrates this point. Have added to the dashboard.

It’s best to use similar tones, so:

  • With a soft pale red like Clay Pot, pair colours like grey-blue Duckling or the duck-egg green tones of French Shutter.
  • If you have a stronger red like Rubina (see below), consider deeper blue-green hues like Steel Teal.

Colour drenching with red

Last but certainly not least, you can go all out and colour drench your space in red. This refers to painting walls, woodwork and even the ceiling in the same colour (or close tones) as covered in our colour drenching guide.

Using red to colour drench is a bold move but can work stunningly well as the warm, comforting and positive energy envelops the space. With that in mind, it’s great for social spaces like dining rooms and living rooms, in particular.

Paint the town red with Frenchic

Walls aren’t the only thing you can paint with wonderful red tones. Woodwork, furniture and even fixtures like doors and windows can be brought to life with rouge hues.

With Frenchic, you can find a selection of beautiful reds for a range of surfaces. This includes our ultra-matte Chalk Wall Paint, soft sheen Trim Paint for woodwork and furniture, and water-resistant Al Fresco paint range for both indoor and outdoor use.

Browse our red paint collection today or find a Frenchic stockist near you.


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