April 18, 2024

The Power of Calming Colours

The Power of Calming Colours

Colour can transform spaces and influence our emotions. Of all the available palettes, calming colours stand out as timeless choices that bring tranquillity and harmony. And after all, who doesn’t benefit from a peaceful and relaxing home?

Read on as we explore the need for calm in modern life and how colours can help you achieve it at home.

Why calm is calling for modern homes

It’s often claimed that modern life is more stressful. But did you know that it’s actually been proven? Research in the US found that modern adults are more stressed than generations before them. Specifically, people between 45-65 experienced more stress in the 2010s than the same age group in the 1990s.

Some contributing factors include technology advances, family dynamics and economic hardship. As for the solution, experts suggest everything from exercise and nutrition to socialising and yoga. We’d like to add calming colours to that list.

Studies have shown that interior design choices can boost your mood, lower your blood pressure and decrease bad habits. That’s more important than ever with the rise of remote working – more people are spending a larger proportion of their lives between the same four walls.

Which colours are calming?

In terms of colour psychology, cooler colours like blues and greens are good choices as they are lower energy and soothing. The same is true for warm colours (reds, oranges, yellows and pinks) with cooler undertones, which offer a cosy, comforting feel.

If you’re looking to create calm, avoid strong, saturated colours like bright reds which stimulate dopamine. This leaves plenty of choice, not just in the colours you can use, but how you use them.

Here are several different ways to add peace and serenity in your home.

1. Keep it monochrome

We’re not talking about black and white here. By monochrome, we mean picking a single colour and running with it. Add lighter and darker tones of that colour for a layered look and a touch of variety. You can also consider colour drenching for a super-cohesive feeling space.

2. Take an analogous approach

In colour theory, analogous refers to colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. Combining colours that have a close relation to each other can bring a harmonious feel. That could be green, blue and teal or cream, beige and brown, for example.

3. Nestle in neutrals

Sticking to a tight neutral palette is almost always restful. Think browns, beiges, greys and pale greiges like Cool Beans with added elements of white or black. These shades all blend and work together effortlessly.

Want to see Cool Beans in action?

Steal inspiration from Frenchic Fan Rachael (over at @thehouseof_rae) who gave her wardrobe a wow-worthy facelift with this creamy, pale taupe shade...


4. Try muted colours

Often known as near-neutral, muted colours are less saturated, meaning they are more calming. These colours are softened and pared down with smoky grey and warm brown undertones. They tend to work well together, which makes them easy to combine.

Think about soft, pale shades such as sage greens, powder blues and lilac pinks like Golightly. Lighter colours aren’t the only options though. Steaming Green is an easy-going deep green with a calming smokiness.

Watch as Frenchic Fan Laura (over at @edwardian_property_parade) uses Steaming Green in this colour drenching project...


5. What about whites?

A bright white may not be your first choice for a soothing space. And rightly so. More tranquil, off-whites tend to be restful and easy-going.

They’re surprisingly varied, from cream and ivory to beige and greyish shades like Serenity. To keep things neutral, whites can also span super-pale versions of the wider rainbow of colours. And breathe… is a very pale grey, for example, with calming blue-green hints.

Calming colours from our Samaritans partnership

Within the five calming colour approaches above, we’ve included a selection of beautiful paint colours to give you inspiration for your own home:

These five colours are all part of our partnership with Samaritans – a vital charity that offers emotional support when it’s needed to anyone struggling with their mental health in the UK and Ireland.

As part of our affiliation, 10% of all sales from our Samaritans collection goes towards funding the excellent work they do. Find out more at www.samaritans.org or browse our Samaritans collection today.


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