March 21, 2024

Spring Colours to Make You Smile

Spring Colours to Make You Smile

Spring is traditionally a time when we start to look forward and freshen up our surroundings.

Colour affects us all – the human brain associates colours with certain emotions, so it’s important to pay attention to our home environments, especially after a dreary winter.

Here are four of our top on-trend colour groups to make you smile this spring, along with their emotional attributes and our favourite paint colours.

Glacial blues

Vibe: Stabilising and soothing. Cool.

Cool blues pair very well with most greys from pale to charcoal, but also warmer colours like browns with chocolatey notes, like Moleskin. They’re great for rooms with good light. Pair with a pop of peach (more on this later) for warmth in lower lighting.

Paint colours we love:

Ol' Blue Eyes Wall Paint

Warm stone

Vibe: Grounding and calming. Warm.

If you’re in team neutral, you’ll be delighted to see more stone tones appearing – is this finally a goodbye to the dominance of cool greys? These brown-beige shades are super-easy to live with, bringing warmth and subtlety – whether as a dominant theme or as an accent. These types of colours work well in pretty much any room of any aspect.

Paint colours we love:

Swayed Wall Paint

Buttery yellows

Vibe: Friendly and welcoming. Warm.

Soft yellows have a calming feel but also a touch of freshness. Traditionally associated with spring pastel schemes, they are also great with grey and black – offering a soft note, and less contrast than whites, to create a pared back, sophisticated look. Pale butter yellows offer a gentle warmth, making them perfect for almost any room you can think of. They’re so pretty paired with pale duck-egg tones or even pink for a modern country scheme.

Paint colours we love:

Would you dip your toe into the buttery yellow trend? Watch as Frenchic Fan Katie over at @katieinthecountry uses Hot as Mustard to add a pop of colour to her internal door and bedroom...


Fruity apricot and peach tones

Vibe: Positive and optimistic. Warm.

Simply fabulous with analogous colours like pink and yellow – from earthy, through pastel to vibrant. Fruity apricot and peach tones work well with whites and off-whites, of course, but they’re also eye-poppingly stunning with black, off black, and almost any smokey-toned blue. That extends from deep and strong blues like Verdigris to softer, paler tones such as Crystal Blue.

Take a look at earthy hues in action in this fantastic video by @tilakallenmaa...


Paint colours we love:

Sundowner Wall Paint

Ready to spring into action?

From cool blues and subtly warm stone shades to warming yellows and vibrant peaches, there’s something to make everyone smile this spring. At Frenchic, we have a full range of on-trend spring colours to transform your interiors and exteriors. Choose your favourite colours, pick your perfect paint, then get started on your spring glow-ups.


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