March 18, 2024

What Paint Colour Goes With Grey Carpet?

What Paint Colour Goes With Grey Carpet?

So, you’ve got your grey carpets. Now you’re ready to paint the walls. The question is, what paint colours go with grey carpets?

Join us as we explore the various paint colour options and design tips to help you create a cohesive and stylish look in your home. From soft and serene combinations to bold and dramatic contrasts, we'll cover it all. Get ready to transform your living spaces with the perfect paint colours for your grey carpet.

The sway of grey with carpets and more

Which colours go with grey is a question we hear a lot at Frenchic. Greys have been ever-present throughout the home for decades due to their versatility and adaptability. That’s been bolstered in recent years because there are now so many choices of grey paint shades available.

Whether it’s grey furniture or grey walls, it’s an easy-to-use neutral that will pair nicely with lots of other colours. Grey carpet is in high demand for these reasons too. It’s also a practical choice for hiding the odd scuff or stain, which is inevitable over the years.

However, selecting the right paint colour to complement grey carpet can be a daunting task. We’re here to turn that dilemma into an enjoyable event…

Blush pink for a chic look

Blush pink is a chic, on-trend option that pairs beautifully with grey carpet. The cool tones of grey complement the warmth of blush pink, creating a balanced and sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you're aiming for an industrial chic, modern country or a Scandi style, this combination can work wonders.

Incorporate blush pink through wall paint, furniture or soft furnishings like cushions and rugs. To add a touch of luxury, complement this pairing with metallic features like brass or gold accents. Sophia brings this all together with a Dusky Blush wall, metallic accents and plenty of different textures…


Lively lime green

Lime green is a versatile choice that works harmoniously with grey carpet. Associated with nature, this revitalising shade can bring life to any shade of grey, from soft lilac greys to dark charcoal tones. Whether you have grey tiles, wallpaper or cabinets, lime green furniture can instantly perk up your space. Don’t forget houseplants for a few natural pops of green too.

For a bold statement, pair lime green like Citrine with darker charcoal carpets for a striking contrast. This combination is perfect for adding drama to any room, whether you're refreshing the walls or upcycling furniture with a pop of colour. If you’re going the extra mile with fresh plastering, check out our blog post on how to paint newly plastered walls.

Timeless duck egg blue

Classically timeless, duck egg blue complements soft grey effortlessly. This pairing creates a light and welcoming atmosphere that can enhance any space. The gentle balance between grey and a duck egg blue like , evokes a sense of serenity and calm.

To elevate your design further, introduce muted yellow accents. The softness of duck egg blue complements the warmth of yellow, creating a harmonious blend. Try a grey shade like Greyhound with underlying blue tones to maintain a cohesive colour spectrum. Duck egg blue and grey is a beautiful combination for cool and calm interiors.

Combine neutrals for a super-soft feel

Just because greys are neutral, doesn’t mean other neutrals are off limits. Pairing with neutrals and earthy tones can create a calm, pared-back effect. Check out Aisling’s bedroom using brownish-green Olivia on the panelling with Pampas on the walls, complementing the grey carpets beautifully.


Balancing deep blue and grey

Pair stone grey carpets with navy blue for a bold yet balanced look. When using navy like Smooth Operator on walls or perhaps balance with generous neutral areas in grey. For cooler-feeling rooms with lower light, a blue with a little green in its make up can be a good option – such as After Midnight.

This combination of rich navy and grey adds depth and elegance to your space. For a softer touch, consider accenting the palette with tan or blush pink. A pop of pale pink Sweetcheeks will tie things together in the most stylish, inviting way – creating the perfect environment for grey carpets.

Using blues doesn’t just provide a great backdrop for your grey carpets. It also allows you to jump onto the ocean paint colour trend, which works for both traditional and modern interiors.

Go dramatic with black

Using black with grey carpet will always work well, especially when applied boldly as the dominant colour in a room – on the walls. Add other greys for a richer, layered feel and warm woods to soften the look. For rooms with lower light, try off-black Panther. For bright rooms, the cooler Dark Horse or Blackjack are good choices.

Level up the sophistication by incorporating silver accessories like cabinet handles and appliances. You can also give radiators a lick of paint in grey or black – take a look at our radiator painting guide for expert tips. Done well, the black and grey combination becomes a timeless choice, radiating glamour throughout your living spaces.

Soothe yourself with sage green

Use sage green with your grey carpet to combine natural and neutral for your interiors. Try Apple Barn on your walls for something timeless, calming and muted. Or use Wise Old Sage on furniture to create a harmonious balance between the natural warmth of wood and the earthy green tones.

When pairing sage green with grey carpet, there are different combinations to try. Opt for a cool, silvery sage green with a bright and light grey carpet. Or select a stone grey to go with warm pistachio shades for a pleasing combination.

Timeless simplicity with white

For those who prefer to stay within their neutral comfort zone, white paint is an ideal choice. A grey-on-white scheme can make a surprisingly bold style statement. White paint works wonders to brighten up spaces dominated by grey walls, carpet, furniture, tiles or accessories.

There are plenty of potential pairings within the worlds of white and grey, so don’t be afraid to try a few carpet and paint samples before committing. You can’t go wrong with a bright, solid white on furniture, like alongside taupe, silver or grey-blue tones. This composed combination adds an air of elegance to any room while maintaining a clean and fresh appearance. Or try a softer off-white like Wedding Cake, used on the built-in cabinets below…



Elevate your space with grey and complementary colours

When it comes to choosing paint colours that complement grey carpet, the possibilities are endless. Grey serves as a versatile backdrop that pairs harmoniously with various hues, from blush pink for a touch of elegance to lime green for a refreshing vibe. Whether you prefer classic combinations like duck egg blue or bold choices such as navy or black, the key lies in balance and contrast.

Experiment with different colour schemes to create a space that reflects your personality and style. And for all your painting projects, Frenchic Paint offers a range of high-quality options to bring your vision to life.

Transform your space with Frenchic Paint

Ready to transform your home with the perfect paint colours that complement your grey carpet? Explore Frenchic's extensive chalk paint ranges with a myriad of colours to choose from. Use Al Fresco and Lazy Range paints on your interior furniture pieces or opt for Chalk Wall Paint and Trim Paint to refresh your walls and woodwork.

However you want to complement or contrast your grey carpets, Frenchic Paint makes it easy to breathe new life into your living spaces.



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