January 03, 2023

6 Trending Paint Colours You Should Try in 2023

6 Trending Paint Colours You Should Try in 2023

 Do you use the trending colours each year?

They’re always useful and inspiring for upcycling, decorating and refreshing your home. Maybe you like to update a room annually, based on the new year’s top palettes. Or perhaps some furniture is simply due a refresh and you’re looking for up-to-date ideas.

Whatever the case, read on to explore the shift in style as we head into 2023 and highlight six colours you absolutely must try…

Moving into 2023 in colour

It’s always good to look back as well as forwards when considering colour predictions. Our collective mood changes with world events and this naturally filters through to how we want to feel in our homes.

In 2022, as we slowly started to move on from the discomfort and restraint of living under lockdowns, there was a yearning for us to reconnect with nature and the great outdoors. As a result, greens and all things nature-inspired gained favour.

We’re also starting to see an increase in bolder colour choices, and we predict this trend will take hold. Be brave and experiment with new shades. This doesn’t have to mean lurid or bright acid tones – think deeper shades of familiar colours, with a little more of a saturated hue. Or muted, earthy, versions of strong shades.

Here are our top picks for the coming year…

Red revival

By now there is surely not a person in the land who hasn’t heard that red will be a key colour in 2023. Pantone has announced its own colour of the year as Viva Magenta – a less-vivid-than-it-sounds red. This fits perfectly with our view that bolder choices are already en vogue.

Red paints to try:

Yellow renaissance

Yellows were a key feature in 2022. Their ability to lift a scheme and energise, even when used in small amounts, appeales to upcyclers and redecorators alike.

2023 is likely to see earthy, warm and nature inspired tones of yellow become more established. These colours are versatile and combine fabulously with a surprisingly wide range of colour schemes whether in small accents or across wider areas, adding warmth and a homely feeling.

Yellow paints to try:

Greens are go!

The biophilic appeal of green is now well established and it looks like this popular palette will broaden even further, with earthy greens being key. From olive to lime or emerald and not forgetting teal tones, this is wide ranging colour with almost endless scope for mixing.

Green paints to try:

Browns are back with a bang

As well as green, anything with an earthy feel is looking likely to be a winner in 2023. While grey continues to feature as a top neutral, brown is elbowing in fast. Again, this includes a plethora of unique shades, from the lightest-brown off whites to deep, dark Liquorice – not to mention a red-infused browns like Dawlish.

Brown paints to try:

A purple patch

Purple has become popular for its complexity, reflecting everything from innovation to regality. But you might just like it because of how great it looks in your home! Look out for lovely lavender and lilac shades. You are going to love these light tones teamed with deep contrasting drama of charcoal or deep plum.

Purple paints to try:

Pops of pink

The barbie-doll-inspired Barbiecore fashion trend made vibrant pink the surprise hit colour of 2022 – becoming the much-needed mood booster we didn’t realise was required until it appeared! While the movement might be maturing, pops of strong pink look likely to continue to add energy and cheer well into 2023 and beyond.

Pink paints to try:

How to use 2023’s trending colours

Want to try some of 2023’s popular colours?

Remember that you can test things out without a complete overhaul – and it can still have a great effect on your space.

You can try out new colours in very simple ways by painting an existing piece of furniture without breaking the bank or challenging your existing decor. That could be a preloved find, like this upcycled drinks cabinet in on-trend purple Plum Pudding


Rather than always going large and redecorating your walls, perhaps think about painting your doors, skirting boards and trims a new colour. Sit back and see how you feel. Or if you’re ready to jump in, try your favourite trending colour on an external door, like this pink transformation using a mixture of Raspberry Punch and Dazzle Me


If you want to redo your walls, then tester sachets are a great way to try colours without the commitment! Our 10ml sample Chalk Wall Paint sachets are available for less than £1 each with your sixth colour free – so you can try a few shades out and let your imagination lead you without fear!

Not sure where to start? Why not check out all of Frenchic’s paint colours?


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