December 19, 2022

17 Christmas Gift Ideas for Frenchic Fans, Upcyclers & Crafters

17 Christmas Gift Ideas for Frenchic Fans, Upcyclers & Crafters

With the countdown to Christmas well underway, now is the time to make sure presents are bought, wrapped and placed under the tree for all your favourite people. If the friend or relative in question is an avid upcycler, crafter or Frenchic fanatic, you’re in luck!

We’ve put together a list of 17 Christmas gift ideas, so you can put the red Frenchic heart into your loved one’s stocking this year.

1. Paint!

Paint is arguably the simplest go-to gift for anyone who enjoys upcycling or any kind of home makeover. There are several ranges to choose from – from self-sealing satin and matte options to our traditional style chalk paint, the Original Artisan Range. This is particularly popular for creative projects in conjunction with our range of decorative waxes – more on this below. Choose from a 250ml ‘dinky’ to let them try something new, or a large, 750ml size for colours they’ll use again and again.


2. Decorative waxes

For something a little bit different, Frenchic Waxes offer wider options for creativity. They are easy to use and can really expand the range of finishes a painter can produce. They are also fabulous for unpainted wood! If you really want to go to town, then think about a specially designed wax brush to add too – available in large or small.

3. Metallic paints and powders

Paints and powders can add glitz and glam to any project from furniture to hardware and more! Simply unbeatable for embellishing and adding or highlighting detail, the Frensheen powders work by mixing with Finishing Coat or Clear Wax. On the other hand, Frenshimmers are ready mixed. For larger areas, there is the Metallics range, featuring 3 fabulous metallic paints in gold, platinum and rose gold for adding a sumptuous metallic finish to a wide range of surfaces.


4. New brushes

Time to do a bit of snooping. See if you can find the recipient’s brush collection.

If they don’t have an oval brush, this is definitely something to consider. Oval brushes are a bit of a game changer for chalk paint application – or for any paint for that matter. If they already have one, you could buy them a different size. At Frenchic, we have oval brushes in petite, small, medium and large.

Buying for a vegan painter? No problem – Frenchic have 100% synthetic bristle options in our collection for both oval and flat brushes.

Or what about a set of detailing brushes? These small brushes can make some projects so much easier, wiggling into hard-to-reach spots as well as being used to add motifs and detail.

Don’t worry if they’ve ticked all of these boxes. There’s always a different brush to give your loved one’s creative juices flowing. A stencil brush and your choice of stencil is a really thoughtful gift. Alternatively, a wide blending brush can add to their arsenal – fabulous for first coats as well as making paint blending simple, including creative effects like ombre.


5. Full-on Frenchic Fanatic?

With over 625k members on the Frenchic Fan Forum Facebook group, it’s fair to say there are plenty of people out there who are true Frenchic fanatics. If that’s the case, we have some great stocking fillers to choose from in our collection of apparel and bags.

Keep it simple with a hat, scarf or cap. Or go one further with a polo, fleece or gilet – all brandishing the iconic Frenchic heart. We also have a wide range of accessories, including everything from super-simple tin openers to handy paint paddles and sweet, heart-shaped sponges. All perfect to make their painting life simpler!

6. Fill a bag!

Who doesn’t like a goodie bag? If you can’t decide on one gift, you can easily get together a few Frenchic treats and pop everything in a Frenchic gift bag.

Perhaps start with a 250ml tin of a favourite colour. Add a brush, tin opener, sponge, Frensheen and a bottle of Finishing Coat or a wax and you’re sure to be in their good books!

Paying a visit to your local stockist is a great way of getting advice and tips if you are unsure of what to give.

7. Still on the fence?

If you really can’t decide what to get the crafter or creative in your life, then give the gift of choice with a Frenchic gift voucher! Buy one directly from Frenchic to use for online purchases on our website. Or contact the recipient’s local Frenchic stockist to see if they offer vouchers for their shop – we know many of them do.

Stocking fillers for under £10

They say it’s the thought that counts. That’s certainly true when you’re buying wonderful Frenchic products. To finish off our Christmas gift list, here’s a selection of great presents that are available for less than £10!

  1. 250ml dinky tin of paint – Choose a sumptuous shade of their favourite colour or try something new altogether.
  2. Can opener – A must-have for any painter, complete with the Frenchic logo.
  3. Oval Petite brush – A super-versatile little brush that they can use on a wide range of projects.
  4. Flat brushes – Choose from 30mm and 50mm in width, both vegan-friendly.
  5. Stencil brush – A short, stubby brush with mixed bristles and a round shape, designed specifically for stenciling without applying too much paint.
  6. Easy Crackle – They’ll thank you when the crackle effect develops in front of their eyes on their next painting project.
  7. Sugar Soap – The essential preparation potion for pretty much every project.
  8. Paint paddle – With these little tools, they’ll never have to ruin a kitchen utensil again.
  9. Heart sponge – Great for applying finishing coat, decoupaging and sugar soaping with the rough side.

Fill your stockings with Frenchic goodies

Whether you’re playing it safe with a pot of paint in their favourite colour or snooping around their brushes to find the missing piece, Frenchic has a wide range of products that are perfect as a Christmas gift.

All Frenchic products are available from your local stockist, which you can find by entering your town or postcode. Alternatively, you can browse our website and order online.

Wherever you decide to make your purchase, you will be putting a bit of Frenchic passion under the tree for the upcycler or creative in your life.


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