June 21, 2024

What Does Pink Make You Think?

What Does Pink Make You Think?

One of the great things about pink is that you can use it anywhere. But there’s still a lot to consider when you’re looking for pink room ideas and particular colour combinations. In this post, we’ll run through the colour psychology of pink in all its different forms to give you some ideas.

Why pink is more than just ‘pretty’

Pink is enormously varied and versatile, depending on the shade. It has the ability to both comfort and cocoon, but also energise and inspire. More than any other colour in recent times, pink has come to signify femininity and romance in Western society. But this colour is equally adept at being brash and shocking.

Always fundamentally warm, pinks bring a certain amount of energy thanks to their red element. As discussed in our Rouge Resurgence article, red is associated with strong emotions and can stimulate dopamine in the brain. Sometimes this energy is quite subtle, as many pinks have cooler undertones. For example, they can be purple tinged or have smoky grey notes.

Below, we’ll look at some of the different variations of pink and how they can make you think and feel.

The lighter side

Pale baby pinks and soft pastels blend well with other pinks and can act like neutrals, bringing a gentle warmth. These delicate colours are associated with nurturing, evoking feelings of love and tenderness.

Soft-toned Ballerina and Pinky are great options, along with peachy Sweetcheeks. Where better to use these nurturing shades than a nursery?


Stronger, mid-pinks bring cheerful positivity with a playful, bubblegum vibe. Add in peach and coral notes or salmon undertones for freshness. These hues can make us feel optimistic and hopeful, making them great choices for any room – particularly those with lower natural light levels.

Sweet Bon Bon, purplish Love Letter and strong pink Macaroon fit the bill.

Earthy options

Muted, earthy-toned pinks are thought to help reduce feelings of aggression and resentment. They bring a sense of calm with brownish or smoky undertones. With a strong association with vintage interiors and a timeless, heritage feel, they are both familiar and reassuring.

If this sounds like your kind of pink, check out these warm hues:

Or for cooler, smoky undertones, there are:

Pink with attitude

Of course, there are stronger, statement pinks that ooze energy and vibrancy. We’re talking about magentas with their smidge of purple, plus reddish rose pinks, hot cerise and fresh watermelon.

These emotionally stimulating hues often work best when their punch is tempered a little. You can partner them with plenty of balancing colours or simply use them as an accent colour.

See how Tina uses Raspberry Punch for a fabulous pop beside her Bon Bon walls…


On the other hand, they can be great for adding character and energy into rooms with lower light levels – and the brave can consider using them as the dominant colour. As well as Raspberry Punch, some good options are Hottie and Fifi’s Fancy.

Pink pairings that always work

As well as having a myriad of pink shades, you have lots of variety when choosing which colours to use alongside it. Here are some of our favourite combinations and why they work:

  • Black, off-black or charcoal – A striking but fabulous, bold contrast.
  • White – Cool whites provide a crisp feel. Or add warm whites or creams for a softer look.
  • Aqua / teal – The cooler notes of teal balance well with any pink.
  • Cool grey – Again, cool grey tones offset the warmth of pink.
  • Mint green – Perfect with a soft or pastel pink for fresh spring or Miami vibes.
  • Peach – Being so beautifully similar, peach and pink make a winning combo.

Pick your pink today

Whether you’re going for light, earthy or pinks with punch, Frenchic offers a selection of stunning pinks that can bring your space to life. Paint furniture, walls, woodwork and more with our collection of high-performing chalk paints for a wide range of surfaces.

Take a look at our full range of pink paint today or check out our guide to Frenchic paint ranges to find out which is right for your project.


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