June 13, 2024

The Olive Tree: 5 Harmonious Pairings for Olive Green

The Olive Tree: 5 Harmonious Pairings for Olive Green

The olive tree has long been a symbol of peace – dating back to Ancient Greece! So, it’s no surprise that olive greens work in harmony with such a wide range of different colours.

In this post, we’ll run through some of the best colour pairings for olive paint – not to mention the many different shades that olive branches out into itself.

Combining cool and warm with olive greens

Just like the fruit itself, olive paints can vary in colour. They range from an almost neutral, brownish earthy green to fresher hues with yellow or limey notes.

And just like all greens, olive hues are cool colours in essence – but their warm undertones mean they are not at all cold. This mix of cool with warm undertones makes olive greens wonderful mixers of great versatility. As a result, they are easy to pair with a wide range of colours.

Browner olives (like Olivia) feel soothing and relaxed while zestier versions can be uplifting, inviting and serene. Think Constance Moss, Jersey Boy and even Pea Soup (below) – all great options as antidotes for cold or lifeless rooms that suffer from low light levels.

Looking to pair olive with other colours? Read on as we look at five beautiful combinations for your home.

Pairing olive green with neutrals

The relaxed qualities of olive shades mean they are easy to apply as the dominant colour in a space. However, olive also works beautifully as an understated accent colour in neutral settings.

Team with your choice of beige, soft grey, taupe and whites for a pared-back, harmonious feel. Or think about including elements of chocolate brown and slate shades for added drama.

Here’s an excellent example with creamy taupe Cool Beans as the dominant shade in a front porch transformation, brought to life with brownish-green Olivia on the door and wall panelling.


Olive with warm colours

Thanks to their subtle warm undertones, olive shades pair well with the likes of pink and peach. They’re equally at home with all types of red and yellow, both earthy and vibrant, because they bring a sense of balance and an element of energy.

It’s hard to find a better example than this beautiful Constance Moss wardrobe, backed by Dusky Blush on the walls and woodwork.


Warm metallics like copper or brass are perfect additions too. The cabinet below uses the same verdant shade of olive green, Constance Moss, with Browning Wax to give the bare wood a rustic look. That’s topped off with gold hardware to tie the piece together with a chic finish.


An olive-branch effect with natural wood

Sharing its name with a fruit and the tree it comes from, olive has a great affinity to nature-inspired décor. It’s perfect as part of a biophilic or botanical design scheme, mixing very well with other greens and natural woods.

Used in this way, olive greens are perfect for spaces that need to be restorative and relaxing. This includes bedrooms, living rooms or just anywhere else where you want to recharge in your home.

Don’t believe us? Look at perfect Jersey Boy looks on the ceiling and wardrobes below, complementing the natural wood panelling on the walls and rattan panels on the wardrobes.


Black olives, anyone?

No, we don’t mean the slightly sweeter fruit. We’re talking about pairing olive paint with blacks or off-blacks for a classic look. It’s established and stately, with olive tones countering the drama of black and adding a little richness to a space.

Together, the two colours are great for adding contrast and depth – somehow without either one overpowering the other.

Or try with white

Another great option is to pair your chosen colour with a clean, crisp white. This chic, fresh combination allows olive tones to pop out and reveal their complexity – ideal for a contemporary space.

You can also use softer, off-whites and ivory tones like Wedding Cake and Ivory Tower. This brings a totally timeless element of calm sophistication that can slot in just about anywhere.

Got a taste for olive tones?

If our olive inspiration has given you an appetite for decorating or upcycling, there’s only one thing for it. Choose your favourite olive shades and colour combinations – whether it’s neutral, natural, warm, white or black. Then, find your nearest Frenchic stockist to satiate your cravings.


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