May 10, 2024

Painting Positivity: How a Tin of Paint Can Boost Your Mental Health

Painting Positivity: How a Tin of Paint Can Boost Your Mental Health

It’s well documented that colour influences our mood. Reds invigorate and energise while cooler colours like greens and blues have a calming effect. The colours we surround ourselves with contribute to the overall feel of our home environment. But what about the actual process of painting?

Painting itself can also affect your mood, particularly furniture painting and upcycling. In this article, we’ll explore the positive effects of painting on mental health and provide some inspiration for your furniture transformation journey.

Exploring the evidence on painting positivity

There is plenty of research on the positive effects of crafting, painting artwork and creativity for your mental health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that craft can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, reduce anxiety and help people cope with negative feelings.

We also have plenty of anecdotal evidence here at Frenchic from our staff and stockists. Not to mention feedback via social media on the beneficial effects of furniture painting and upcycling.

Our friendly Facebook group, The Frenchic Fan Forum, has formed a wonderfully creative community of over 620,000 people. They share their painting projects, exchange tips and look for inspiration.

Within this group, time and time again, we hear stories about how mindful and enjoyable the process of painting can be – and how painting a single piece of furniture for the first time can draw you in and be the start of a fulfilling passion.

The joy of furniture transformation

When upcycling or revamping their first piece of furniture, many people discover a creative ability they didn’t know they had.


As you can see, there is something incredibly fulfilling about transforming something tired, mundane or outdated. With a little paint, some basic kit and a bit of imagination, it can quickly become something you love.


It’s easy to start small with something like a chair or side table which does not have to take up a lot of time or space.

After that, you can start thinking about how to find the space to paint that 12-slot IKEA KALLAX unit like Kayleigh Sherbourne (@do.it.yourself.mum), self-proclaimed DIY Mum :


If you run out of things to paint at home (yes, it can happen) there are plenty of options for finding more. Second-hand furniture is a no-brainer – check out our piece on finding furniture to upcycle for ideas and tips on great places to look.

Improving your mental health and the environment

These days, we’re all aware that buying new isn’t the best option for the environment when something is past its best.

According to the North London Waste Authority, 22 million pieces of furniture are thrown away every year. That equates to 670,000 tonnes of furniture being thrown away annually, according to WRAP – a charity working with both businesses and communities to help reduce waste and develop sustainable products and practices.

The vast majority of this furniture ends up in landfill. It goes without saying that the fewer things that go to landfill, the better. That’s where upcycling has another added benefit.

If you can make a pre-loved piece of furniture beautiful as part of your self-care, then what’s not to love? Whether it’s an IKEA hack, old brown bedside unit or scuffed sideboard, you can help yourself and the planet, one piece of furniture at a time!

Find out everything you need to know

If you’re ready to paint yourself positive, Frenchic can help. Our complete guide to painting furniture runs through everything you need to know, from choosing the right paint to getting a smooth finish and adding decorative effects.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to tag us in your transformations on Instagram @frenchicpaint and join The Frenchic Fan Forum on Facebook!


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