April 18, 2024

4 Summer Paint Trends for Your Exteriors in 2024

4 Summer Paint Trends for Your Exteriors in 2024

Nothing beats a bit of time outdoors. A chance to get some much-needed vitamin D and enjoy a space that’s often neglected during those cold winter months. With that in mind, a bit of summer paint is a great way to refresh your exteriors ready for the longer evenings and warmer weather.

All that’s left to do is decide what to paint and choose your favourite colours. Below, we’ll get your creative juices flowing by running through the best exterior paint trends 2024 has to offer.

Interior vs exterior paint trends

When choosing exterior paints, you might head to general colour trends to get inspired. However, garden paint trends don’t necessarily follow the same patterns as interior trends.

As an example, our 2024 colour trends for interiors include browns, pastels and muted colours with grey undertones. While these colours are all great, they’re not necessarily the most on-trend option for the great outdoors.

Painting exterior spaces is quite different to indoor transformations. The airy atmosphere somehow enables bolder, braver colour choice with more freedom. That allows you to experiment with different shades, which has an impact on exterior paint trends. Here’s our pick of the bunch for 2024…

1. Make your exteriors pretty in pink

Pink is the epitome of a bold, brave colour choice, as mentioned above. It’s the kind of colour you might be apprehensive about indoors. But in your garden, there’s no need for such caution.

Dusky Blush is an excellent choice if you want a muted pink for your garden furniture, while Poppet (used on this composite door below by @theonlywayis_pink) is just a touch more vibrant with a pastel-pink sweetness.


If it’s hot pink you’re after, try mouth-watering Raspberry Punch on plant pots, statement chairs and more.

2. Reflect nature with greens and blues

When it comes to exterior paint, greens and blues are always popular and never out of style. They reflect the colours found in the natural world and complement flowering plants in summer. Even better, greens and blues also provide plenty of interest during the cooler months of the years.

Here are some colours to consider…



Take a look at these garden furniture before and after to see Ol’ Blue Eyes in action! Great work by @thegiftcopeterhead!


3. Provide a sleek backdrop with darker tones

This year in particular, we are going to see dark tones becoming more prevalent. That extends from black (Blackjack) and charcoal (Smudge) through to dark blues (Hornblower) and teals (After Midnight).

Frenchic Fan Lorah-Kate (@sheffieldsemi1930) recently transformed her garden and opted for Blackjack for her fence. What do you think?


These colours are fantastic back drops for all kinds of plants – from flowering perennials to simple shrubs. The darker the colour, the more the plants in front will stand out. They also transform tired garden furniture to sleek and contemporary, whether it’s an old table and chairs or a bench that’s just a bit too boring.

4. Add a pop of red

We may have said that interior trends don’t necessarily transition outside. But there’s always an exception that proves the rule! Adding a pop of red can brighten any space, whether it’s indoors or out. So, expect this year’s runaway interior paint trend for a pop of ‘unexpected red’, to extend beyond the four walls of your home and out into the sunlight!

Go bold with scarlet red Hot Lips on garden gates, shed doors or even fences. Or try it out on a few pots or a single chair. It’s always uplifting, no matter how small a dose.

Choosing the right exterior paint

As well as choosing from exterior paint trends, it’s vital that you find a suitable type of paint for your outdoor projects. Whatever the colour, paint that isn’t weatherproof will fade and flake, leaving your outdoors looking lacklustre at best.

Fortunately, Frenchic has the answer. Our Al Fresco range ticks every box with resistance to both water and UV rays. It’s suitable for a range of surfaces, including wood, laminate, uPVC and composites – both indoors and out. To top it off, the paint is self-priming and self-sealing to minimise the number of products you need for great results.

Our Al Fresco collection features an array of options, from vibrant colours and pared back pastels to chic neutrals with unique undertones. Choose beautiful paint colours to get on board with exterior paint trends or just pick whatever takes your fancy!

Be sure to also check out our guides to painting wooden garden furniture and painting uPVC for tips on preparation, application and conditions.


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