May 29, 2024

Crafting and Creative Furniture Painting: A Beginner’s Guide

Crafting and Creative Furniture Painting: A Beginner’s Guide

Crafting and creative furniture painting – it’s a little bit of us. Judging from the response we see on our social media, it’s a little bit of countless others too!

But as well as a fun, rewarding hobby, did you know that painting and creativity are great for self-care? You can read more on that in our recent blog post on painting and mental health.

In this article, we’ll run through some of the basics of decorative furniture painting and upcycling with some ideas and tips to kick-start your creative journey.

Getting started with crafting and creative painting

There are lots of reasons people start crafting and getting creative with paint.

  • You have a piece of furniture you love that’s tired, dated or just needs a little colour.
  • You want to experiment with decorative techniques.
  • You want to convert or reuse something you might usually throw away, into a practical thing.
  • You might even be looking for a side-hustle!

Whatever your motivation, it can feel daunting, and you may feel unsure about how to start. However, the great thing about these types of projects is that you can have fun and try out ideas and new techniques. Just give it a go – even the most epic painters and crafters were beginners once!

Below, we’ve listed some ideas to help you develop your skills and confidence – whether you’re DIY-shy, a little inartistic or ready for anything.

Repurposing inspiration for crafty creators

There are so many things you can paint, repurpose and upcycle. Unique furniture pieces are some of the most exciting options. If you put your mind to it, practically anything can become a statement piece for your home.

Don’t believe us? Just look at this bedside table created using an old suitcase plus some paint, wood and metal legs. The case was painted in pinkish-beige Nougat with Rusty O’Bronze Frenshimmer and Clear Wax on the metal hardware.


Wooden items are another firm favourite, given how easy wood is to refresh and repurpose. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest piece of wood either. Check out this stylish bath shelf, made using a simple scaffolding board. Simply cut to size, add a wine glass holder, sand down, refresh with Clear Wax then finish with some metal hardware.


Want to start small? One of the simplest things to repurpose are tins that hold your Frenchic paint! Rinse out your paint tins (or any tin for that matter), punch some holes in the bottom and plant them up.

You can paint or wrap them for a fun and personalised look. Just be sure to watch out for the sharp bits on the rim and where you have punched holes!

basil and chive pots
Flower Pots

Or if you’re a committed Frenchic Fan, like our stockist Debbie at Homemade Beauties, you don’t even have to embellish them:

Frenchic Pooch

Want to dial down the DIY?

If you don’t have much DIY experience or tools, don’t despair. You can do quite a lot using simply a roll of masking tape and some paint. Take a look at this eye-catching chest of drawers using Plum Pudding with black and white stripes on two of the drawers.


Or how about bringing an unwanted desk back to life with a checkered pattern using masking tape? Frenchic Fan Kayleigh went the extra mile, creating her own shade of green using Blackjack mixed with Matcha. Find out how to make your own unique colours in our guide to mixing paint. 


Mix Frensheen and Finishing Coat to create a metallic paint, which can freshen up the hardware on pre-loved pieces of furniture. You can also use masking tape to create unique effects like this simple, but stunning sunburst pattern:


The same application of metallics also works excellently with stencils, creating eye-catching decorative detail on any project.


Not confident of your artistic painting skills?

Don’t worry if your artistic painting skills aren’t the best. There are still ways to get creative, even if artistic creativity isn’t your strong point.

One option is to paint the base layer then add a transfer like these bedside cabinets in Ol’ Blue Eyes. You can find out more about decoupage in our guide to using Frenchic Finishing Coat three different ways.


Alternatively, like one of our earlier examples, you can use stencils. They’re an easy way to add detailed patterns to furniture as well as walls. What better way to create a feature wall inside or outside your home?


Another option is to let the wood do the talking. Frenchic Fan Teresa Coles has simply sanded down her old wooden drawers to reveal the beautiful natural grain. She’s protected in with Frenchic Finishing Coat then accentuated it with bold Blackjack on the frame and legs. The result speak for themselves…


The sky is the limit

Once you’ve started practicing and begin to master your craft, who knows where your individual style and imagination will take you?

Our Fan Forum member Shona Dickson shows how you can turn a boring piece of brown furniture into something truly individual!

Brown Furniture BeforeBrown Furniture After

Here’s another idea of what’s possible from our fabulously talented stockist Linda Karslake.


Feeling inspired?

Whether you’re a bold beginner or nervous novice, there is a huge range of options to inspire you. They range from small to large, a single colour to a range of painting techniques, or a basic revamp to creating something from scratch.

Take a look at our blog for more inspiration or find your local stockist online. They can advise you on the best Frenchic products for your needs and help you at every step of your creative journey.


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