Tiled Floor
Greyhound.Blackjack.Hot as Mustard.Pumpkin Pie.Scotch Mist.Whitey White.Finishing Coat

Wow! Would you just look at this hallway floor! Frenchic Fan Forum member, Joanna, had always wanted a Minton tiled floor so she decided to paint one onto the existing hallway lino using left over Frenchic paint from her other projects. After receiving hundreds and hundreds of compliments by our Fan Forum members, she says: 'Thanks everyone - I’m overwhelmed by all your lovely comments. I did paint straight on to the lino after giving it a good clean and I used Frenchic's Greyhound, Blackjack, Hot as Mustard, Pumpkin Pie, Scotch Mist and some Whitey White Trim Paint and sealed with Frenchic Finishing Coat. I also used about 12 rolls of masking tape! It took me about 3 weeks just doing about an hour every evening after work! 😊' Well done, Joanna! It looks simply amazing! #bestpaintintheworld #hastobeFrenchic

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